Welcome to my information page.

Here I cover a broad range of topics to help answer some of your real estate questions. Whether you are a Buyer or Seller for Freehold homes,condos or Commercial Real Estate in the GTA, as a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board for over 22 years, I have a professional knowledge that will make sure you have no problems with any deal we work on. Condo Buying, Condo Selling, Home Selling or  Home buying are major undertakings and I can make it as seamless and worry free when you find something you want to buy or have something to sell.  
Feel free to contact me if you have questions not covered by the material in these pages.

  • First Time Buyers - Here we begin by offering you some insights into buying your first home. Some of this information should help you get the mental juices flowing in the right direction. The following pages are organized in a very subjective way. (MY way.)
  • Buying Up or Selling - Some of my brainstorming sessions to see what I could come up with that would help people think of some of the ideas and facets involved in getting serious about buying up or selling.
  • Moving - A checklist to help you keep track of the most important aspects of your move.
  • Biography - I have been in real estate for a few years. You can get some ideas about me from the pages inside.
  • Marketing - When you are selling or buying, I have a plan and I usually stick to that plan. It may interest you to know that there are a lot of things that a real estate Sales Representative must do and that the magnitude of the tasks of listing or selling a home is substantial. Take a look at the marketing plans inside.
  • Market Info - In this area you will get some ideas as to what things are selling for in the GTA.
  • Toronto Primer - An introduction to the GTA and a recommendation for an informative book on the hundreds of little pockets and neighbourhoods in Toronto.
  • ICI Commercial - For those interested in things Commercial, Industrial, Investment or Development.