Ideas and Objectives

Employment Objectives

  • To acquire a working knowledge of all areas of the Greater Toronto Area.
  • To show other agents and the public that a real estate agent will need to be computer literate as well as resourceful.
  • To keep the amount of work to a manageable level in order to give top service to my clients without compromising anything.
  • Since real estate questions come to the mind at all hours, to make myself available as close to 24 hours a day as is possible.
  • To be a reliable source for Relocations to the Greater Toronto Area.  Both at the corporate level and individual level.
  • To have all the skills necessary to do any job that is required in real estate.

Real Estate Background

Entered the business in 1988, working for Canada Trust Realtor. Move to Re/Max and now at Sage Real Estate the most progressive and forward thinking Real Estate group in Canada.

Extensive list of listings and sales over the past 22 years as well as awards for Sales Production. Lots more hype if you need it.

The Real Bio


I am not one to spend a great deal of time chest beating and blowing hot air.

I would sooner just give you a few facts and then let you spend some time doing what you wanted to do in the first place,- find out about real estate in Toronto.

Here we go.

Lived in Toronto at Avenue Road and Eglinton since 1975. Married with 2 children (Ha! Two Adults.)

Taught at the Royal Conservatory of Music from 1972 to 1993 and still been called on by them for consulting work.  Member of the Executive of the teachers Association for 10 years.

Classical Guitarist and Renaissance & Baroque Lute Player having recorded and played across the country (Canada) and the USA.

Copious performances as well as Carnegie Recital Hall in New York. - radio, TV, studio work.

You can check out a previous lifetime by opening the page titled Surprise. Of course, this was in a previous lifetime.  Things do change.

Worked with computers since 1987. Hardware Maven, built a lot of machines for friends and clients. Spent a lot of time with databases and almost any new program that I could get my hands on.

Real Estate

As far as real estate is concerned, as I have said, worked in the industry since 1988 and consistently outperformed many of my colleagues. Currently spending less time on computer, but because I know what I am doing in real estate, I have the city at my fingertips and my telephone headset locked to my ear. This site took a fair bit of time to develop, but now that it is up and running, I will spend only a few hours at a time trying to add to it, so drop by once in a while, I may have some new surprises for you.

If you want more info, send me an email or why not call me?  I do send people emails of listings and various properties that they are interested in.  It is not a complicated process and if you want to fill in a relocation form with some of the things that you want in a property, then I will do a few searches for you and send some listings via email.  My office number is 416-483-8000.  Just page me and I will call you back.   Page me directly from the Contact menu. (Page Me)