This guy is a straightforward agent that will get the job done for you. Whether it is buying or selling, the job will be done.

If you are a First Time Buyer

If it matters to you that the agent you have gets you the best property at the best terms and the cheapest price, then you should spend a little more time here. The key issues about buying are important to know and hopefully, I have addressed a number of them for you.
Check out the First Time Buyer's Guide if you haven't already.

If you are a repeat Buyer

I think that you will find that I work on a long term basis. You call me today and want to sell in 2 years, that is O.K. The important thing is that there should be no pressure from an agent only from yourself. When the time is right, my clients have almost as much information as I have about the properties that are available to them. Check out the section on Buying Up

If you are a Seller

I can tell you pretty quickly what your house is worth in the present marketplace. (I do not believe in quoting a higher price just to get a listing.) At the same time, I listen to you.  You set the price according to what you want and what you hope to get.  There can be discrepancies here, but if it means adjusting the price, you decide when and how much.
I have a computer at home that gives me access to TREB and the MLS services. Lots of my clients call me up and ask me about a new listing on their street or something that they are interested in and I can usually tell them within about 5 minutes what the listing price is as well as the details.  My marketing skills are equal to other agents and because you are here reading this I am sure you realize that I can do some things that other agents can't. As I have said elsewhere, guess who did this web page?


I usually have several investment properties for sale throughout the year as well as businesses and other sundry Industrial, Commercial and Investment (ICI) listings.