What can I tell you?

If you have bought in the past 3 years or so, then chances are the value of your home may be substantially higher. Great Insight Huh?
So there is hope for you on this side of the equation.

What is important is how you view what you want to do about buying up or down.

The best news that I can tell you is that whatever you buy now or in the not too distant future may cost you less than it would have in the late 80's. More house for the same money is the order of the day today.

The important thing to remember is that if you are buying up, you will be more selective than your previous property.
It could take quite a while to find the right place. I work with a lot of people that are in this situation. The ranks are a little thinner this year as some of them found what they were looking for. In some cases it has taken 2 years. In others it was the fact that the right property came along at the right time. This is always great if your ready to go.
If you want to work towards this end then I suggest that if you do not have an agent, get one! An example of one of my clients is the fact that they are looking to move next year. They have a house worth about $400,000 and are looking for something with 5 bedrooms at around $600,000. Another client has been looking for a particular area of Rosedale and we will keep looking until we find one.
The main issue is to have an agent that you know that will keep and eye on the market for you. I do this for my people and I do it every day for those that are seriously looking. I have automatic searches just in case I don't get around to checking. (Actually, I check several times during the day.
It can be critical for some people that they know about a property as soon as it either shows up on MLS or a sign goes up.

Try as I may, I can and will only do so much to promote myself. I know one thing for certain If you don't know me then why would you use me?
Hopefully, if you have been around my site, this will give you some of my ideas and the next step is yours. If we talk for a while I am sure that you will gain a little confidence in my abilities.