Buying Up?

The Market is better for Vendors (Sellers). But you have to find the home that you want before you sell. I have seen a number of people happy to see that they had a good agent and sold their home quickly, only to call me later asking for help because their agent forgot to tell them that they might have trouble finding a home, so now they were about to be put out on the street because they could not find the right house.

At present we are back to a situation that says if you have a choice of houses then sell before you buy OR if you want to buy before you sell, make sure you know what the lowest price is that you will accept. That means Seller's net price. This will ensure that you will get your house sold on time and on budget for the move. If not there can be some sleepless nights ahead!
Priced well, any house will sell.

There is almost no product in the range of $300,000 to $400,000 -detached 3or more bedrooms in Central 4 & 10 districts. There are a few listings, but certainly anything that is good quality and priced well will still sell in a hurry.


If your agent knows all that he or she should, then you will know what you are dealing with when it comes to upgrading.