Do you have an agent?

Some people have been in their house for so long that they have lost their agent or haven't pursued it seriously. How do I choose an agent? Lord only knows that there are enough of them out there.

What Kind of agent do you need?

If you have an interest in selling this year or in the next 10 years for that matter, make sure that you pick an agent that will keep you informed about what is going on in your neighbourhood. It is easy to do, either you call your agent or have the agent call you. The fact that you want to sell your property will be enough to have every agent in the city beating down your door. This can be quite taxing as agents tend to think in immediate terms. Must be the salesperson mentality.

It is important to me that you have a realistic perspective on the marketplace. I can be sympathetic but I must be realistic first. I will tell you what your castle is probably going to fetch on the open market pretty quickly and if I can, I will give you a price that is within $5000 to $8000 of what the market price will be. (This is a rather general statement because as you and I both know, the price is relative to the property and its improvements.

Working with me, I will show you a few properties that are similar and priced according to the marketplace. Then I will want you to step outside of your house and do the same thing. Look without any involvement. Then the illusion of a castle might become a little more real. This can be a positive experience. It does not have to be negative.

Remember that as an agent I see upwards of 30 houses each week. I do not have time to get emotionally tied to each house. Yet, I have seen me take an absolute stand on your part as a Vendor to ensure that if someone wants to make a low offer that is not market value, I will throw them out faster than you will. The final decision to sell is and with me will always remain in your hands. I will give you the information and then I will step back and let you make up your mind. If you want direction from me, it's yours. If you want me out of the decision, I will bow to your decision in any case.

Enough Already! If you want to discuss the different matters of selling with me, I welcome the opportunity.  Call through the office or send me an email. I will gladly go over these ideas with you.