Industrial Commercial & Investment

For those interested in things Commercial, Industrial, Investment or Development.


Whether you need a retail outlet, a professional office, an industrial site or a complete franchise strategy, I have enough knowledge of most areas of the city to help. If you do not know a given area and haven't done a demographic study or a business plan, I can tell you pretty quickly whether or not your business will succeed. (This seems like a rather broad statement, but it may be worth the call to find out what I know.)


Lots of experience with all kinds of projects. From Professional Offices, Retail Sites, Business Condominiums, Industrial Sites, to Investment Properties and Development Sites. If it's out there I'll find it for you!


Power of Sale? Loads of experience with the banks and Trust companies including small brokers as well. Need some ideas for a Schedule "A"? I have one on my computer at all times. It is a conglomerate of several from various institutions and incorporates even some ideas that you may not have thought of to protect you and your company. Expertise? Connections? As you know, every person has their strengths. If it is something that I do not feel that I can handle, then I will gladly refer you to the right people. If you want me to handle something that I am weak on, I will know it long before the property gets sold.


Although I am not a certified appraiser, I find that the appraisal approach is usually 6 months behind the real market values of properties. I can certainly give you my personal opinion on the matter and it will be quicker than an appraisers.


Do not underestimate the knowledge of a real estate sales representative. Email me your thoughts and questions and I will tell you pretty quickly whether or not I can give you the insights and answers that you will need.


I usually have a few commercial listings throughout the year. I always try to put them on MLS to maximize the exposure to the marketplace.