Statistics for Sales by the Month

Here I will keep you posted as to what things are and were selling for over the past 3 months. It is a total Seller's market and properties are going over asking.  Just ask and I will do the search and send over the listings that have sold so that you can keep up with prices and values.

What they sold for from January 1996 to today

Since 1995, the changes in price ranges are staggering. Who would have "thunk" that things would go this far. We have some hints of changes in interest rates so standby for something to happen. Don't ask me what it is yet, but when there is a hint of some changes in interest rates, people stop buying for 4 or 5 days and then they go back at it again.

Please log on to Toronto Real Estate Boards Statistics page through the link below, to give yourself some insights into what has happened since 1996. All of the monthly Market Watch Reports are on this link. You can analyze to your hearts content. Remember that these are statistics and as such, do not guarantee you an average price nor do they promise to get you multiple offers for your property. As a buyer, they can give you insights into an given districts sales patterns and potential for increase in values.