Strategic Marketing Plan
For A Buyer

Dear Buyer,

When you authorize Sage Real Estate and Ernie Hills to act on your behalf as a Buyer Broker Ernie will immediately commence implementing the following specific strategies:

  • Ernie Hills will have a consultation with You the Buyer so that he can fully understand your needs.
  • He will (if you request) have a formal consultation with You the Buyer to make recommendations on preparing your financial material for presentation to the financial institutions
  • If necessary, he will provide you with names of mortgage specialists to assist you in determining your financial capabilities in this quest.
  • He will immediately begin reviewing the areas that you have decided to focus on and will give you a report as to what is available and how much choice there will be.
  • He will review and explain the details of various Agency Relationships with you. (See the page titled Agency to understand what this means.)
  • He will prepare the necessary documentation for commencing a Buyer Broker Agreement.
  • He will begin preparing properties to show you at your earliest convenience and shall continue until you have made a decision on what and when to buy.
  • He will not pressure you into buying anything that you are unsure of. The decision is ultimately and unequivocally yours.
  • Ernie Hills will only give his opinion when asked as to the value and quality of a property. It is you the Buyer who makes the decision to make an offer on whichever property that you would like to buy. Also, the details and price of the offer are your decision and will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • He will co-operate with all Brokers and salespeople belonging to the Toronto Real Estate Board. (There are also some small brokers that do not belong to the Toronto Real Estate Board. I will also work with these people.)
  • Ernie Hills pledges to give immediate responses to your inquiries about properties that you have been made aware of either by seeing signs or word of mouth or press. (Promptness in response is key to being effective for my Buyers.)

Our office is state of the computer and social media are with access to the international referral system which can receive Toronto bound buyers directed from anywhere in the world. I can also refer you to out of town agents almost anywhere in the world.  Some I know, but I will search out the best in the areas that you are focusing on.

  • Ernie will monitor the trends in real estate that will affect your blueprint to buying.
  • Ernie Hills will follow up all the showings that you are interested in by speaking with the sales representatives to ascertain their clients’ motives and intensity of procuring a sale.
  • Ernie will confer with You the Buyer after every outing to determine what we saw and how important any properties were to your goals.
  • Ernie will give you a blank offer form so you can review the fine print in preparation for an actual offer presentation.
  • Ernie Hills will use his experience to negotiate the best possible Agreement for you. Effective negotiations can be very crucial when trying to buy.
  • After an acceptable offer has been obtained, Ernie will provide copies of offer and pertinent documentation to Your lawyer.
  • He will provide you with a sheet detailing the overall costs involved in the purchase of a property.
  • If a mortgage appraisal is required Ernie Hills will make arrangements for the appraiser’s inspection of the property.
  • Ernie will follow the transaction from the time of offer negotiation right through until the completion of the sale.
  • He will give You the Buyer a moving checklist.
  • Ernie Hills experience will allow him to take you by the hand and lead you and ease the way through the maze of challenges involved in a real estate sale.  Seamless so you don't have to run around and do the mundane chores associated with buying.
  • Ernie Hills pledges to protect your interests and not the interests of another salesperson’s clients.

I truly look forward to working together with you in the sale of your home.