Strategic Marketing Plan
For Any New Listing

Dear Seller,

When you authorize Sage Real Estate and Ernie Hills to sell Your house on your street.
He will immediately commence implementing the following specific strategies:

  • Ernie Hills will have a consultation with You the Seller so that he can fully understand your needs.
  • He will have a formal consultation with You the Seller to make recommendations on preparing Your house on your street for sale so that it presents itself in the best possible light to the marketplace and shows to its best advantage.
  • He will provide You the Seller with ideas on how to fix up a house for sale and make its presentation to the market in the most appealing possible manner. ( This of course is if the Seller wants to be bothered with extra work and staging.  Some are content to "sell as is where is". ) 
  • He will measure the house.
  • He will take pictures and process photographs of the property.
  • He will see that the colour pictures will be used on the feature sheets and on the Sage Real Estate Internet Web Site and his own domain and website at
  • He will give You the Seller an ‘About Being Here’ form for you to complete to assist in marketing the property.
  • He will prepare a detailed feature sheet of the house for prospective purchasers.  This will go along with Sage Real Estate's marketing plans that include a property web site along with social media campaigns etc.  We are state of the art when it comes to marketing.
  • He will show You the Seller properties currently listed for sale on the market which will, in effect, become Your house on your street’s competition.
  • He will discuss strategies to reduce length of time to market Your house on your street and minimize You the Vendor’s inconvenience.
  • He will suggest various marketing plans so that we can implement the best possible strategy to maximize Your house on your street’s selling price. Together we will establish best asking price to ensure top market dollar for house.
  • He will review the deed, survey and mortgage documentation of Your house on your street to ascertain information relevant to property’s sale.
  • He will review the details of various Agency Relationships to determine best representation for You the Seller’s needs.
  • He will place the property on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that it will be immediately exposed to all TREB members. This effectively puts 32,000+ real estate salespeople to work selling Your house on your street.
  • He will prepare the necessary documentation for listing the property, review and discuss it with You the Vendor, and process it once authorized.
  • He will re-run the listing on the MLS system every week until it’s SOLD. This keeps Your house on your street in the forefront of the salespeople’s minds thereby maximizing its exposure.
  • He will review with You the Seller the procedure for showing Your house on your street to prospective Buyers and how appointments will be made. Our office is open 7 days a week to facilitate appointment requests.
  • With You the Seller’s approval Ernie will install a lockbox on the property.
  • He will be present for showings of the house when possible.
  • Ernie Hills will be personally speaking with all of the salespeople prior to their showing of the property.
  • He will provide You the Seller with a Sage Real Estate Tip Sheet with suggestions for when your house is being shown.
  • He will maximize Your house on your street’s exposure to market.
  • He will have a distinctive Sage Real Estate FOR SALE signs installed on the property.
  • He will fax a copy of the feature sheet to his exclusive mailing list of the top offices in your area.
  • He will fax a copy of the feature sheet to the top 10 salespeople who work in your area.
  • He will notify your immediate neighbours that the property is about to come on the market.
  • He will deliver copies of the feature sheets to your closest neighbours and invite them to the Agents’ Open House.
  • He will advertise the property in the appropriate publications.
  • He will advertise Your house on your street as appropriate.
  • He will co-operate with all Brokers and salespeople belonging to the Toronto Real Estate Board.

  • There are also some small brokers that do not belong to the Toronto Real Estate Board. I will also work with these people.

Sage Real Estate’s office of nearly 100 active sales representatives will be immediately notified about the availability of Your house on your street thereby giving it immediate exposure to the office’s vast pool of buyers.
The Buyer may well already be on hand just waiting for Your house on your street to become available.

  • Ernie will promote your house to the salespeople in his office.
  • He will talk to salespeople in your area inviting them to attend Agents’ Open House.
  • Ernie will promote your house to his personal network of salespeople which has taken years to establish. His relationships and rapport with these active salespeople may well produce the buyer.
  • Ernie will do an open house for salespeople which will provide Your house on your street’s access to 32,000+ registered salespeople on the Toronto Real Estate Board.
  • He will do open houses for the public on mutually agreed upon times.
  • He will contact buyers in our computer database to tell them about your house.
  • He will actively promote Your house on your street in every possible manner.
  • Ernie Hills pledges to give immediate responses to buyer’s inquiries on your property. (Promptness in response is key to effective marketing.)
  • Ernie will endeavor to have Your house shown only to serious pre-qualified buyers.

The property will receive INTERNATIONAL exposure through Sage Real Estate’s World Wide Web Site as well as my own website and domain at (After all you are already here. ) :)
Our office is quickly becoming the go to place for help in the GTA since we have a reputation as being at the forefront of everything computer and social media.

  • Ernie will monitor the trends in real estate that will affect your blueprint to a fast sale.
  • Ernie Hills will follow up all the showings of the house to prospective Buyers by speaking with the sales representatives to ascertain their clients’ comments so he can provide you with their feedback and answer any objections that they may have.
  • Ernie will confer with You the Seller weekly to review the previous week’s activity and marketing of your house.
  • Ernie will give you a blank offer form so you can review the fine print in preparation for an actual offer presentation.
  • Ernie Hills will use his experience to negotiate the best possible offer for you. Effective negotiations are crucial to a top dollar sale.
  • After an acceptable offer has been obtained, Ernie will provide copies of offer and pertinent documentation to Your lawyer.
  • He will provide you with a sheet detailing the overall costs involved in the purchase of a property.
  • If a mortgage appraisal is required Ernie Hills will make arrangements for the appraiser’s inspection of the property.
  • Ernie will follow the transaction from the time of offer negotiation right through until the completion of the sale.
  • He will give You the Seller a moving checklist.
  • He will provide You the Seller with a guarantee of service.
  • Ernie Hills experience will allow him to take you by the hand and lead you and ease the way through the maze of challenges involved in a real estate sale.  I pride myself in making the sale and transition as seamless as possible so your life is not on hold while you do some of these tasks.
  • Ernie Hills pledges to protect your interests and not the interests of another salesperson’s clients.

I truly look forward to working together with you in the sale of your home.